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Bristol Comic Con - Essential Attendance! 
12:33pm 28/03/2007
mood: Excited
You lot! Listen up!!

Bristol Comic Con! May 12th-13th (Sat-Sun)2007

I'll be there on Saturday May 12th 2007 so you know to either join me or avoid me *grins*

Tickets are available HERE
If you want the cheaper (£5) "Advance" day tickets then you better hurry. They are only on sale until midnight of March 31st.
From April 1st the day tickets are £6.

"Why are you telling us this Mister?" I hear you cry.

Well, fellow lovers of the Loosh, check out the GUEST LIST

Yes, you saw right, JAMIE SMART [foo5] father of Looshkin (and that bastard Bear) is attending!

What possible reason could you have for NOT going?!?!

Be there, and shower him with your psychotic love!
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03:41pm 09/10/2005
mood: NEAR DEATH!!!!!
I officially have the best plushies in this galaxy and the next, (but not the one after that, they make really good plushies there)
BuhhhhCollapse )
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09:19pm 26/05/2005
  Hah! My Bear issue 2 and t-shirt arrived yesterday!!!!!!xDxDxD It's all pretteh and shiny and I worship itXD Oh, i shouldn't eat so much sugar, i'm going go and lie in a dark room for a while.  
06:58pm 20/05/2005
mood: calm
Hi *waves* I'm new
I've only read issue 1, because my local comic bookshop only have No.1 and 3 in stock (grrr) and i'm kinda weird and can't read things in the wrong order xD I've ordered issue 2 and a t shirt with bear going "eeeeeeeee", which i thought was funny
Well, i've wasted enough of your time, i'll leave now
bye *hides under the bedcovers*
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11:29pm 08/04/2005
mood: bouncy
Hello All!

Has everybody (anybody?) read issue 8 of Bear yet? *bounces* I just bought it today and realized that I haven't read anything new lately. Does anyone have any suggestions of what they like/think I should look into? More pondering shall be done... after reading Issue 8! HAHAHAHA!

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It Is Coming!!!!!! 
01:15am 30/03/2005
mood: Perky as perky can be!!!
Yes, the great and mighty, and slightly unhinged, Jamie has answered our prayers.

Finally he has produced what we've all been dreaming of for so long...

The Looshkin Plushie

Due in own sweaty clammoring paws around June 2005.


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09:09pm 26/03/2005
  I have a Icon that I made from the Issue where Looshkin gets a BLACK HOLE!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I call it "quantum"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com "shiny broken coathanger"

Here is one of bear and a frenchman: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This last one is of bear in the army: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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YAY!!! Found it!! 
05:47pm 24/02/2005
mood: cheerful
YAY!! Found the Looshkin community my bestes chum told me 'bout!!!!

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09:23pm 18/02/2005
  Woo hoo...I mades it.  
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09:00pm 16/12/2004
  Hello there. I just joined this oh so lovely comunity. I love Looshkin.

Actually, I was thinking of getting a tattoo of him in his Team Slut helmet on my arm.

Well, just thought I'd say.

Oh, by the way, my name is Sarah...But I don't think that really matters.
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Sorry, But I Just Had To Share This! 
12:33am 08/07/2004
mood: excited
the rest is rambling bollox that is really best kept to personal journals.. ^_^

Ah! I understand the why's and wherefore's of that statement, but I must draw your attention to a spooky little thing, which can be classified as news I suppose!

Myself and unnamed others *coughleishpodcough* had a discussion of 'rambling bollocks' stature, in this very community, concerning the creation of an Army of Looshkins to 'Take Over The World(tm)'

I now point you in the direction of this months 'Previews' magazine, listing comics and merchandise due for shipping in September. In the write-up for Bear issue 6, it makes mention of a certain 'Army of Looshkins'.

*Jaw Drops in Shock and Awe*

Now, either:
1) Jamie (foo5) actually reads this community and was inspired.
2)He is psychic and picked up on the lurve for his nutty creation.
3)We are telepathic and inadvertantly 'inspired' him with our fervant lurve of his nutty creation.

Whichever the case, I am damn proud that something that was spawned out of 'rambling bollox' will see life in the very pages of the comic we lurve so much.

(And yes, something spawned out of rambling bollox is a gross yet funny image)



[Please return to your creativeness now]
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01:09pm 02/07/2004
mood: hopeful
okie dokie... team_loosh shall live ^_^

sorry about the threat.. i was curious as to wether anyone would actually care if i deleted it, and it would appear i was wrong in suspecting you wouldn't..


now.. to get some life back into this thing.. i challange everyone to post something interesting and looshkin related.. pictures, fanfics, or anything you can think of are welcome :) (and yes, it may be tongue in cheek.. infact.. the more tongue in cheek the better!)

ooh.. we could make it a competition!! yes.. everyone must vote and give the entries marks out of 5.. the person with the most marks by next friday gets a gold star, and all of our respect and admiration :) (maybe even a prize if i can come up with something!!)

that is your quest.. go forth and good luck :)
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09:07pm 01/07/2004
mood: pissed off
i am a moderator here.

give me 10 good reasons not to delete this community and it shall live.

that is all.
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11:25pm 30/06/2004
mood: sad
oh pooh, *sob* i really REALLY want a Team Loosh shirt, but i can't find one ANYWHERE! nowhere online has them, and the comic stores in this city are a disgrace!!

BWEEEEEEEE! I'm gonna go mope to myself and suck on my thumb
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i want.. 
12:22am 28/06/2004
  a tattoo of looshkin running across somewhere on my body.

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for your pure orgasmic pleasure... 
10:53am 22/06/2004
mood: creative
i bring you...

as promised in the last entry :)
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07:00pm 17/06/2004
mood: Thinking Deep Things!
Quick thought just crawled into my grey matter:

Would Zombie Looshkin be green? And by that I mean a kinda mossy green with accompanying smell...


Would he still be blue, but with green bits on him? Kinda like the penicillin mould that grows on cheeses that have been in the fridge too long (and which I am grossly allergic to)!


Would he just turn an interesting shade of grey? Probably like some old gargoyle that has been sat up on an old church for centuries and is stained with bird shit and icky damp moss!

I bet Bear smells like wet dog when he's Zombie Bear. All the more reason to kill him again - the Bitch!
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12:09am 11/06/2004
  Rumour has it that Bear 5 sees the demise of Looshkin. Grab a weapon, folks. We're off to Mr Smart's house.

Seriously though, I can't wait. I'm counting down the seconds. I can't even remember quite when it comes out, which makes counting down a bit difficult, but still. And yes... Bear suffers. Looshkin gibbers. That's the deal. What's all this about killing off the only truly great character in contemporary literature? Methinks someone's fibbing.
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10:11pm 03/06/2004
mood: bouncy
I just thought I would post this, as only I and mr.smart have it. made by moi.
go there and see shineyness! raaaaaaah
hope you likes, you wacky funsters.

I know it says bear on it, but I'm sure you'll forgive me

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10:45am 01/06/2004
mood: sleepy
Just wanted to say hello, people. I just joined Team_Loosh (though it was a long time coming, silly me) I stumbled across bear's first issue about a week after it came out (the first time I'd ever been in the comic book section of a certain scifi comic store in the city. kinda creepy) and absolutely loved it - and have been emailing Jamie ever since. so yay to that.

hanging to see some posts come up in my friends pages. love the idea of a looshkin plush. I want one. though the logical person would say a bear one - since, hey.. he's a bear... but you just couldn't make his head blow up when you pressed his nose and it wouldn't be right.

so. enough crapping on. greetings from Melbourne, Australia.
catch ya'll soon

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